Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 193 - Moldy Onion

Day 193.

So I finally finished my sophomore year of college today (!) and I celebrated by watching my ritual Julie & Julia whilst I cleaned out my dorm room and packed up my stuff.

Solid Valentine's Day throwback.

I was moving around a lot of things and discovering old papers and odd knick-knacks I thought I had lost forever (as one does when one moves out of a dorm) when a fucking rancid scent began to waft through the room. And when I say rancid, I mean just straight up rotten ASS smell. It was the smell of death.

I began frantically searching for the source, hoping that I could do something to contain it as soon as possible when BAM! I realized what it was.


You guys remember my leftover onion, right? The one that's just been chilling in my room for at least three and a half months now? It started to grow weird green finger things awhile back and then when I tried to give it some sunlight, it just dried up? You know the one.

Well, it's super decomposed and mushy now, so that's kind of cool (but mostly just gross).

With its last dying breath, Moldy the Onion cursed the one known as "Julia the Destroyer."

I think I'm going to try and plant it in my backyard when I get home, though it might already be too late for little Moldy. Only time will tell. Or a botanist. But I don't know any botanists, so I'm just going to bury the fucker.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "We've never really discussed what to do."

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