Monday, February 21, 2011

Are driver's licences too easy to acquire?

Now I don’t mean to pick on drivers. I’m a car driver. I’m also a cyclist and most frequently, a pedestrian. But I often think, is the Ontario car driver’s licence too easy to acquire? I wonder how people get their licences when so many appear to lack the basic understanding of signs, lights and pavement markings. A pet peeve of mine is the encroachment of cars into pedestrian cross walks. The intersection of the Pretoria Bridge and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway is notorious for this. I could take the photo, shown here, almost every time I walk past this intersection. In the photo you can clearly see I have the green light and plenty of time. Yet, this van kept creeping and creeping with the end result of forcing me to either walk behind him or to walk out into traffic. The road was clear and the stop line clearly marked. Is it ignorance of the rules or a complete disregard for the rights of pedestrians?

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