Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 75 - Anagrams

Day 75.

I like anagrams. I like Julie & Julia (sort of). So how do I feel about Julie & Julia anagrams? Well, pretty indifferent, to be honest with you. But here they are anyways.
I also like Teddy Grahams. Question: Is there a difference between "chocolate chip" and "chocolatey chip?"

Julie Powell - Lie Julep Owl, Wile Up Jello, Ill Pew Joule, Lie Ow Jell Up

Yo Jello, you better wile the fuck up!

Amy Adams - Mama Days, Mad As Yam, Madam Say, A Dam Yams

"I'm mad as yam, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"
This yam is pretty pissed. (mostly because the blonde chick didn't tell him that she has herpes.)

Julia Child - I Cull Jihad, Cull Hadji I

Julia Child! Culling Jihad like it's nobody's business! Fuck Yeah!

Meryl Streep - Remelts Prey, Rest My Leper, Let Sperm Rye, Merely Strep
Rest, My Leper. You have done well.
"Hey, doc! So do I have laryngitis or what?" "Oh no, son. It's merely strep!"

Not Mark Ruffalo - Frank Loaf Tumor, Okra Malt Runoff, A Fart Flunk Room, Formal Tuna Fork

This is actually a photo of a casual tuna fork. Sorry for the confusion.

Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Are you listening carefully, Tracy?"

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