Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 83 - Give Me Your Money

Day 83.

Well, I've finally done it. I've sold out. Or something like that. Well, not exactly. Allow me to show you.

That's right, if you look over to the left sidebar, you'll see that I've taken the plunge that all marginally successful blogs make. I've instituted a PayPal donation button. Yes, you all heard that correctly--I've become a for-profit blogging project, something that I never intended to be. You don't know how much I hate myself right now.

But then again, can you really blame me? I've seen this same shitty movie every day for 83 days now. That's over 166 hours of my life dedicated to watching Julie & Julia with nothing to show for it (except for all of you guys' excessive praise). You think netflix instant is free? Awww Helllll Nooooo! For your information, it's $7.99/month! That is a legitimate chunk of change. Plus, all these internet fees of mine! My dial-up connection has been taking forever to load because of all the bandwidth this movie takes up.

Plus, watching this movie 83 times has meant I've watched the Eric Sheffer Stevens scene 83 times. You know, the one where he asks Julie Powell, "Why don't you put a paypal thing on the website? People could send in money if they felt like it." I won't lie. Every time I watch that scene, I ask myself the same question.

Dadgum, Eric Sheffer Stevens! You're a bona fide genius!

If you know me at all, you'll know that hate all these uncanny my blog/Julie's blog parallels, not to mention the fact that I am slowly becoming Julie Powell (my greatest fear). But then again, who am I to turn down free monies? Plus, your donations will prevent me from having to include ads on this site--and I know that none of you wants to see that. But I also know you'll probably want other reasons to donate. 

Things I may or may not do with your donation:
  • Put it towards cooking expenses for future blog posts where I recreate recipes from the movie
  • Spend it all on toys and candy
  • Invest in a new camera so I can bring you fun + interactive video blogging posts
  • High-class prostitutes
  • Buy a new/different copy of Julie & Julia to watch every single day (imagine if I just opened up and threw away a new Julie & Julia DVD every day. I imagine this is what Bill Gates' life is like.)
  • Fill up my giant money bin with gold coins à la Scrooge McDuck
  • Feed my crippling drug* addiction
  • Cover postage costs for all of my Meryl Streep fan mail
  • Pay for the many, many years of intense psychotherapy that inevitably await me in the future

Only YOU can make this a possibility! Donate now!
 *My drug is mediocre romantic comedies

But seriously, I'll re-invest all of your charitable donations back into the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project. There are only so many hijinks you can pull with a zero dollar budget--I just want to keep things entertaining for you guys. So DONATE or don't, no pressure. I won't even give you a suggested amount ($5,000) or anything--just do what feels right in your heart.

Plus, my birthday is coming up THIS THURSDAY. So... give me your money.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Well, I can't ask them for money." "Why not?" "I think you should do the Paypal thing. That way we could have more lobster."

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