Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Pretty Spaces: Teal & Pink

I just love these two colors together right now. :)

{click on image for source}

Apparently Tuesday's at the movies is $5.00! I just found this out and I am pretty excited about it so I am going tonight with a group of friends to go see I am Number Four which is an "action packed thriller". 

Tomorrow should be a pretty exciting day since I am going to go get my tattoo! I am definitely a little nervous about it but I have been talking to some people and I am feeling a bit better. Its going to be quick and hopefully not too painful since I am getting it on my wrist. (its going to be larger and a little different than this picture I took but this is the general look) Have you seen this pain chart? This is how I decided on the wrist because apparently the foot is super painful. Thank you everyone for your feedback and wonderful comments from my tattoo inspiration post! Wish me luck! :)

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