Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 112 - March Madness

Day 112.

While everyone in the "real world" seems to be obsessing over this NCAA tournament, I can't help but think these so-called sports competitions would be more fun and exciting if instead of pitting Division I men's basketball teams against each other, someone held a friendly competition between supporting characters in Julie & Julia. Well, I didn't really think that. But am I going to do it anyway? Hell yeah.

The LJJ Selection Committee has toiled over many, many character submissions and portfolios of work, but eventually settled on what they (I) think are the 16 best supporting characters in Julie & Julia. The characters are divided into two divisions: Julie and Julia (obviously) and the winner of each division will eventually battle it out for the right to be named The Best Supporting Character in Julie & Julia. How will we decide who wins each contest? Why, readers' votes, of course!

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Game 1: Simone Beck (1) vs. Judith Jones (8)

Julia's right-hand woman/co-author, Simone Beck
Julia's editor/publisher, Judith Jones

Game 2: Madame Brassart (4) vs. Chef Max Bugnard (5)

Madame Brassart, the closest thing to an antagonist in this movie
Chef Max "Colonel Sanders" Bugnard

Game 3: Dorothy McWilliams a.k.a. Julia's Sister (3) vs. Avis DeVoto (8)

Dorothy, Julia's fertile sister a.k.a. Sue Sylvester from Glee
Julia's best friend stateside, Avis Devoto

Game 4: Louisette Bertholle (2) vs. Ivan Cousins (7)

Julia's "co-author"/notorious flake, Louisette Bertholle
Local goofball/short guy/brother-in-law, Ivan Cousins.

Game 5: Sarah a.k.a. Julie's Best Friend (1) vs. Julie's Cat (8)

Professional hilarious facemaker, Sarah
Victim of constant animal abuse

Game 6: Regina/Cassie (4) vs. Annabelle (5)

The two-headed bitch dragon, also known as Regina/Cassie
The one-headed bitch dragon named Annabelle,
who also happens to be a journalist

Game 7: Julie's Mom (3) vs. Julie's Boss (6)

Julie's mom, everyone's favorite disembodied voice
Julie's Boss definitely has a name, I just don't know what it is

Game 8: Amanda Hesser (7) vs. Ernestine (2)

Amanda Hesser, from the New York Fucking Times
Ernie, the token black co-worker friend

The first round match-ups will be decided on Thursday, March 21. Email your picks to


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "Well, it's just adding pressure."

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