Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 114 - Epilogue

Day 114.

The epilogue of Julie & Julia is something that I'm always happy to see--a literal sight for sore eyes, so to speak. You know, because it indicates that my daily viewing of the worst movie ever is finally over.

It's a nice little coda to a sort of nice little film. You know, like in Animal House when you learn what happens to all of the characters... except in this case you learn that Julia and Paul are dead. Also, you learn that Julie and Eric have moved. What you don't learn? Well, for one, the small fights that Julie and Eric had in the movie were a sign of things to come a.k.a. Julie has an affair with another dude. Also, yes, Julie is a writer--her second book was all about cheating on her husband (and also, a butcher was involved or something).

And yes, the best line in the epilogue: "Her book has been made into a movie." No. fucking. shit. I think that loyal reader Kelly L. from Iowa said it best in an email she wrote to me a few days ago:
"In the end credits, when it does that 'this is what happened to the people this movie was about' bit, it was like 'Julie Powell wrote a book. It has been turned into a movie.' HI, YES, IT WAS IN FACT THE MOVIE THAT WE JUST GOT DONE WATCHING. I felt personally insulted by the makers of this movie that they had to tell me that Julie Powell wrote a book that got turned into a movie. They may as well have said "She wrote a book called 'Julie & Julia' which got turned into a movie called 'Julie & Julia' and 'hey guess what, you just saw it! Surprise twist ending!' Seriously. It was ridiculous. WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID."
I completely agree with you, Kelly. We maybe be stupid... just not that stupid. And you totally have the right to feel personally insulted by this movie. In fact, I feel that way every single day. It's like they don't even pretend to listen to all of my criticisms. They just keep feeding me the same shit over and over again. Seriously, Julie & Julia, I know that you didn't expect someone to watch you 114 times, but hey, would it kill you to try something new? Is it really so much to ask for a DVD of a movie to get better each time you watch it? I don't think so.


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Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Avis' husband, Bernard DeVoto, now dead, was a wonderful, wonderful writer."

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