Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 115 - Elite Eight

Day 115.

You guys came out in droves to vote on our little Julie & Julia-themed March Madness/Best Supporting Character Bracket. And I have to admit, I am quite impressed. I always knew my readers were good--I was just kind of worried that only like 3 people would vote. And we got at least double that! (actually, way more than that even) The super exciting results follow. Winners are in bold.

Game 1: Simone Beck (1) vs. Judith Jones (8) - Simone Beck wins in a landslide. No surprises here. Just unfortunate that the tournament will no longer have Judith Jones' hilarious foodgasm face.

Simone Beck

Game 2: Madame Brassart (4) vs. Chef Max Bugnard (5) - OF COURSE Colonel Sanders wins this game. Was it even a contest? No one can defeat the Colonel's fearsome mustache. Plus, Madame Brassart is a piece of shit.

Chef Max "Colonel Sanders" Bugnard

Game 3: Dorothy McWilliams a.k.a. Julia's Sister (3) vs. Avis DeVoto (8) - Sue Sylvester doesn't know the meaning of the word "lose."

Dorothy McWilliams

Game 4: Louisette Bertholle (2) vs. Ivan Cousins (7) - Aaaaannnd our first upset, ladies and gentlemen. Louisette Bert-ass-holle chokes away another one right when it counts. She really is the ultimate flake. This one did come down to the wire though (only 1 vote!). Also, how did you guys vote for Ivan Cousins? Him? Really?

Ivan Cousins

Game 5: Sarah a.k.a. Julie's Best Friend (1) vs. Julie's Cat (8) - UPSETS UPSETS UPSETS!!! Sarah, who's pretty much the closest thing to a main character on the Julie portion of the bracket, loses by a considerable margin to a useless feline. I have a sneaking suspicion that a ton of ASPCA members must have rallied to pull off an upset of this magnitude. And who said a Julie & Julia supporting character tournament wouldn't be exciting? (oh yeah, that was me)


Game 6: Regina/Cassie (4) vs. Annabelle (5) - Two-headed bitches are better than one-headed bitches.


Game 7: Julie's Mom (3) vs. Julie's Boss (6) - No love for Julie's Boss. He couldn't even beat a disembodied voice.

Julie's Mom

Game 8: Amanda Hesser (7) vs. Ernestine (2) - Another almost huge upset. This one was close, folks. Amanda Hesser had a late-game rally and had a commanding lead early in the fourth quarter. Ernie tied things up and finally put her shit together in OT, where she eeked out a buzzer beater over our favorite reporter from The New York Fucking Times. This tournament is getting exciting, folks.

And your updated bracket...

Click to Enlarge.

The second round match-ups will be decided on Monday, March 28. Copy + paste the ballot below and email your picks to

Simone Beck (1) vs. Chef Max Bugnard (5)

Dorothy McWilliams a.k.a. Julia's Sister (3) vs. Ivan Cousins (7)

Julie's Cat (8) vs. Regina/Cassie (4)

Julie's Mom (3) vs. Ernestine (2)


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "Looks like a cupcake."

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