Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 119 - Final Four

Day 119.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached the Final Four (of the Julie & Julia Best Supporting Character Tournament, that is). The winners in bold.

Game 9: Simone Beck (1) vs. Chef Max Bugnard (5) - In a fairly close race, local favorite "Simca" edges out Chef Max Bugnard a.k.a. Colonel Sanders to advance to the next round. Simone Beck attributes her big win to her gameplan, as she managed to successfully neutralize the Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices.

Simone Beck

Game 10: Dorothy McWilliams a.k.a. Julia's Sister (3) vs. Ivan Cousins (7) - In a battle of the spouses, the wife emerges victorious. Did anyone even doubt the outcome of this one? I mean, to quote the Tucc, "I can't imagine Dorothy running off with Ivan Cousins." By "running off with," he clearly means "lose to in a reader vote-based blog competition"

Dorothy McWilliams

Game 11: Julie's Cat (8) vs. Regina/Cassie (4) - I really should have seeded Julie's Cat higher. This feline has all the momentum going into the Final Four, after absolutely spattering the two-headed bitchdragon known as Regina/Cassie.


Game 7: Julie's Mom (3) vs. Ernestine (2) -In the closest matchup of this round, Ernestine pattycakes her way on through to the next round, beating the heavily favored Southern drawl of Julie's mom. Well, not actually heavily favored, since Ernie was seeded higher. Oh well. I just wish I could get a high-quality closeup screenshot of her face. Too bad this movie is super racist.


 And your updated bracket...

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The semi-final round match-ups will be decided on Thursday, March 31. Copy + paste the ballot below and email your picks to

Simone Beck (1) vs. Dorothy McWilliams a.k.a. Julia's Sister (3)

Julie's Cat (8) vs. Ernestine (2)


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "If you're looking for City Chicken, you're not going to find it under 'C."

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