Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 120 - Random Cat-ctor Catday: Terry the Cat

Day 120.

Julie's Cat has been the Cinderella story of the Best Supporting Character Tournament thus far, so I'd be remiss if I didn't dedicate this post to this incredible feline in a special edition of Random Actor Tuesday--Random Cat-ctor Catday!


I already wrote a post about all the instances of cat abuse in Julie & Julia (there are many) awhile back, but now I finally get to talk about the Cat-ctor (cat actor) who played Julie's Cat, Terry.

Though Terry goes uncredited for his role, he is pretty much the glue that holds the entire film together. Serving as the metaphorical child (Julia Child?) in the Powells' marriage, Terry is constantly neglected and carries the brunt of all of his parents' fighting. Terry's masterful performance makes great use of his mere seconds of screentime and instantly forces audiences to sympathize with his dire situation--after all, who would want to ever be owned by Julie Powell? In Terry, the audience has a vehicle through which they can experience the visceral pain of being around Julie 24/7. And Terry handles this difficult material like a pro.

Terry deserves a Os-cat for his role (Cat Oscar).

The real Julie Powell actually had the nerve to criticize Terry's performance in the film, saying it wasn't a realistic portrayal of her actual cat, Maxine. Well, Julie Powell, you don't know shit. Terry killed it. Just see what his co-stars Amy Adams and Chris "NMR" Messina have to say HERE.

To paraphrase:
"When he's on set, it's all about Terry — quiet for the cat!" says Amy Adams. "He has a bit of an attitude."

"He also has this thing that he likes it really cold on set," says some guy who isn't Mark Ruffalo. "But he's a great actor. He studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre."
What a fucking boss. Cat boss (cat boss > cake boss). Terry the Cat. Method Actor Cat. Random Cat-tor Catday.




Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Or if you have a pet, a cat or a dog, they love liver."

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