Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 95 - Typity Type Type Type

Day 95.

If nothing else, Julie & Julia is a movie obsessed with its own parallels. For some reason, its creators love to insist that Julie and Julia are somehow equals on journeys of the same magnitude. Never mind that Julia Child labored for years penning the definitive guide to French cooking while Julie Powell just blogged about her trivial problems--they're equals! This idea of parallelisms is never more obvious than in the scenes of Julie and Julia typing.

Julia preparing her typewriter
Julie typing away on her computer
Julia writing her "Floating Island" recipe.
Julie talkin' bout Julia's "Floating Island" recipe

What a ridiculous notion, right? This movie is basically saying "Oh, look--just because Julia lived in the age of typewriters and Julie lives in the age of computers doesn't mean that they are that different--they are both doing the same kind of work!" which totally diminishes the legacy of Julia Child.

Wake up, Julie Powell. You don't get points for doing something completely derivative of someone else's life's work.

Me typing away at my computer

My original take on Julia's "Floating Island" recipe

Okay, well, maybe you get some points.


Julie & Julia 
Quote of the Day: "I typed it up."

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