Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 97 - Julie & Julia: The Book

Day 97.

I consider myself to be an old-fashioned internet man. After all, I still use myspace (the premiere website to meet shitty rock bands and pedophiles!) and prefer to Google. I mean, why do you think I chose to host the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project at blogspot? If I honestly grouped myself with the young hipster crowd, don't you think I would've made this a tumblr? (It doesn't have an "e!" God, that's so ironic and hip!) But like all old people, I realized that I would eventually have to suck it up and navigate my way through this new netscape--that's right, I've finally succumbed to the internet powers that be and got myself a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the blog.

So yeah, become fans or followers or whatever. It's up to you--I only got these things after pressure from you readers, so take advantage of it! I'll be tweeting occasionally about the movie/whenever I get a new post up. Plus, I will be doing a live tweet of the movie tomorrow (Monday), the last day the movie will be streaming on Netflix instant--so anyone who wants to wants to watch the movie along with me/participate in a "sick tweet sesh," just follow me or something. I'm going to start watching/tweeting at 8/7c (woohoo 7:00 central time!), so plan accordingly. I promise that it'll be mildly entertaining (realistic expectations here, people).

As for the facebook page, I'm still figuring that out. Suggestions are welcome.



Today, I was pleasantly surprised when my good friends Annie and Kaitlin told me that they had bought me a gift. Right away, I had to wonder what the occasion was. My birthday was two weeks ago and it was way late to be a Christmas present. Then I realized--it was one of those "just because" gifts that you hear so much about--you know, "just because we hate you and want you to suffer forever."

You know the Antichrist? Well, this is the Antibible.

Yes, that's right. My good friends bought me a copy of Julie & Julia, the book, from which the movie is based. Now, you have to understand--I'd been openly trying to avoid this thing for awhile now. Like, I had planned on limiting my analysis of these women to the movie screen, but my "well-intentioned" friends just "happened to see it" and thought it'd be nice for me to have. You know, to read in my free time. Free time??? I have to spend two hours every day watching this goddamned movie. Plus, I have to blog about it! You think I want to spend even more precious time reading about what I just watched??? Annie and Kaitlin, you have a morbid sense of humor.

Look at how thick that motherfucker is! (that's what she said?)

But really, when the hell am I supposed to read this thing? The book is 359 pages long! If anyone wants to write a blog where they read a single page of Julie & Julia: The Book every day for a year, please, be my guest. You'll finish it with less than a week to spare!

I now officially own too many things with the words "Julie & Julia" on them.

So yeah, I will probably crack open the book sometime in the near future. But I can tell you right now that I won't get through the whole thing--unless I'm really, really bored.

Something funny that I will remark upon--as I was judging the book by its cover (Fuck you, elementary school teachers!), I noticed that Amy Adams/Julie Powell is positioned at the top on the book cover, while she's on the bottom of the DVD case/movie poster. Interesting swapping of roles. Probably fitting, considering that Julie Powell actually wrote the book and her picture actually deserves to be on top. But that being said, after having watched her movie 97 times now, I probably deserve to be on top of Amy Adams. Hey-oohhh!!! *high-fives self*

Enough childish humor. Now I own the movie AND the book. What's next? A lock of Meryl Streep's hair? (I've been sending her letters, but she has yet to respond)

Oh yeah, and don't forget. LIVE TWEET LIVE TWEET LIVE TWEET.


Julie & Julia 
Quote of the Day: "Here's to the book."

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