Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 130 - Feedback Friday

Day 130.

We here at the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project are constantly trying to innovate. If there's a way some guy can watch the same movie every day for 130 days, then there's a way for that guy to rejuvenate Feedback Friday by making his readers do all his work for him.

I present to you the newest recurring feature of Feedback Fridays: The Julie & Julia Caption Contest!

The rules are simple: Write a hilarious caption/exchange of dialogue for the screenshot of Julie & Julia seen above, email it to me at, along with your name (First name, last name initial) and where you're from and I'll post the funniest entries next Feedback Friday. Writing (somewhat) amusing captions is like half of my job description, so I'm eager to see whether or not you guys can run me out of the biz (you probably can--it's a terrible biz).


Also, on a somewhat sentimental note, last Saturday, I asked everyone how they discovered the L/J&J Project, mostly because I thought there might be some cool, interesting stories out there and I was curious to find out what those were. I got tons of comments and emails, but none better than a kind note from one Rachel R.

Hey Lawrence,
I'm writing in response to your question about how people found your blog.
I was hit by a car back in January and broke both my legs. I remember
being in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and talking to the
paramedic. He had gotten all my information and started making small
talk to keep me cheery and not freaked out about my legs. He asked me
what I liked to do when I wasn't getting hit by cars, and I said
something like "Oh, you know, mess around on the internet" and he
started telling me about his favorite new website - the Lawrence/Julie
& Julia Project! When I got out of surgery later that night, I was
bored in my hospital room and hopped up on drugs, so I looked you up
on my phone. I've been hooked ever since, and read your entries every
You're the best!

Dearest Rachel,

Wow--I'm floored by your story and I'm really happy that you told me about it. All this time, I thought I was just dicking around on the internet by myself, when in fact, I was unknowingly (and single-handedly) healing your brokenlegs.

I am God.
But seriously, I'm glad my stupid musings could give you something to do in your drug-addled state and hopefully, later on as well (curiously enough, a lot of my readers are hopped up on something). Stories like yours give me some sort of purpose and again, I owe you my gratitude for that. I hope you're recovering/feeling better since the accident and I encourage you to keep reading!

Mad Respect,


See, Mom? I don't have to study medicine and become a doctor to help people after all. Medical professionals may cure their patients with their "knowledge" and "science," but I would argue that they completely lack the number of "stiff cock" jokes necessary for any patient to make a full recovery.

A stiff cock a day keeps the doctor away.
Unless the doctor is your wife and wants to have sex with you.

Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "But on the bright side, more stew for us."

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