Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dodd-Frank for Dorks

I found this WSJ article on the “new Dodd-Frank lexicon” amusing, since I actually am one of “the small army of lawyers, lobbyists and regulators who speak fluent Dodd-Frank.” That of course means that I have a fancy hard-copy of Dodd-Frank in my office, and an even fancier electronic (PDF) copy. Since I know a lot of lawyers in the financial services area read this blog, as well as non-lawyers who are interested in financial reform, I’ve uploaded my fancy electronic copy of Dodd-Frank here (and embedded below).

By “fancy,” I mean a PDF of Dodd-Frank that has bookmarks to every title, subtitle, and section (and even some subsections) in the law; is fully tagged, so you can copy-and-paste from it without any screwy line breaks; and perhaps most importantly, scales-up the Government Printing Office’s text size (since the tiny text size and unreasonably large page margins make the GPO’s official version practically unreadable). That may all seem trivial, but when you need to be able to quickly locate a specific section in an 848-page bill, having bookmarks to every single section makes a huge difference.

So there, now everyone can benefit from all that expensive software my firm uses for PDFs (which mainly consists of various Evermap products, I believe), as well as the incredible PDF skills of my indispensable assistant.

Dodd-Frank - Full (July 21, 2010)

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