Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 155 - Random Actor Tuesday: Mary Lynn Rajskub

Day 155.

You probably recognize today's random actor, Mary Lynn Rajskub, from a lot of things, most notably, from her lead role as Chloe O'Brian on 24. However, she's more familiar to me as Julie Powell's best friend Sarah.

"Only your face looked fat, you fucking bitch."

For a "random" actor, Ms. Rajskub actually has a pretty impressive resume. She's had stints on a lot of reputable comedy shows such as: Mr. Show, Kelsey Grammar's The Sketch Show, Human Giant and Flight of the Conchords, just to name a few. Well, I guess I sort of named all of them. Disregard that last part. But the fact remains--Mary Lynn Rajskub has some proven comedic chops.

And she often gets to show them off in Julie & Julia! Rajskub plays Sarah, the archetypal "sassy best friend" who is key in these kinds of movies and she shines in the role.

Wouldja look at that shine!

MLR as Sarah is a breath of fresh air in this stale movie (which only gets staler after 150+ viewings) and her delivery of such lines as "Okay, you don't have to bite my head off, I'm just quoting Julia" really puts Julie in her place. And I will go on the record as saying anyone who puts Julie in her place is fine by me.

I mean, just look at this interaction:

Julie: I am, Sarah, I am a bitch.
Sarah: I know. I know you are.

And later in that same conversation...

Julie: Do you really think I'm a bitch?
Sarah: Well ya.
Julie: I know.
Sarah: But who isn't?

That is vintage fucking dialogue right there! As the designated best friend, Sarah is given the license to be brutally honest here and I love her for that. You don't know how many times I've wanted to just tell Julie Powell/Amy Adams that she is a bitch straight to her face. Luckily, for me, MLR gets to do that! Every day! It's reassuring--the notion that you aren't alone in your hatred of Julie Powell.

In fact, Mary Lynn Rajskub will never tell you want you want to hear. She's going to say that your face looked fat. She's going to love Annabelle's blog. She's going to scoff at the fact that you've never eaten an egg. Most importantly, she's going to tell you that you're a bitch and that everyone's a bitch and that she wishes she got better roles in movies.

It also helps that she makes hilarious faces.

So yeah, I will admit to be a fan of this gal and her work. Why is it then, that whenever I see the name "Mary Lynn Rajskub," instead of visualizing Sarah making a hilarious face, I immediately think of this comic?


I guess you could say that I'm just pro Skub.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Okay, maybe the eggs aren't fresh. Julia says the eggs have to be fresh."

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