Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 160 - Mother's Day

Day 160.

Why are you reading this? It's Mother's Day! Call your mother!

Yo momz, what's crackin'?
I know, I know, mothers can be a real drag sometimes. They hate on your blog and tell you that you're wasting your time watching the same movie every day. And even though you know they're probably right, you just wish they didn't insist on being so overbearing.

They especially don't like it when your grades begin to slip and will blame "that stupid Julia project" for your recent bout of apathy towards higher education. They constantly complain about how often you swear and everytime you talk to them over the phone, they hound you to use a "high level of humor," even though you have no idea what they fuck they are talking about.

You get frustrated, you get irritable, you frequently think that, "my mom just doesn't understand!" as if this were some kind of specific revelation only unique to you.

But deep down inside, you feel guilty about the yelling and the abrupt hanging ups. Because you know that they only do this because they care.

And you forgive them. You forgive her. You forgive her because she is your mom and that's what moms do--they care.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
(I sure hope this makes up for me forgetting your birthday...)


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "I just read your blog and it was strange and uncharacteristically thoughtful."

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