Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 175 - If Julia Had Stuck With Hatmaking

Day 175.

You know that scene in Julie & Julia where Julia and Paul sit together at that restaurant and discuss what Julia plans on doing with her future? It's a nice little conversation between two lovers, as they talk about possible career options and hobbies for Julia, one of which includes hatmaking. The exact interaction progresses as follows:

Julia: What should I do, do you think?
Paul: About what?
Julia: I don't really want to go back into government work. You know, but I...
Shouldn't I find something to do? These wives don't do anything here. That's not me. It's just not me.
Paul: I know.
Julia: I saw a notice on the bulletin board at the embassy for hatmaking lessons.
Paul: You like hats.
Julia: I do, I do. 

Smash Cut to:

Hahahaha, look at how unfufilled she is! Julia Child as a hatmaker!!! What a novel concept! Or is it...?

Alternate universes are a scary business. For all of our sakes, it was a good thing Julia Child sucked at hatmaking.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Are you still making hats?"

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