Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Monday : Jonny

I hope you had a nice weekend yes... my computer is back hooray! It was nice and quite refreshing to have a couple days offline and to be disconnected especially since last week was a bit crazy. Do you ever have unplugged or technology free days? I dare you to try it sometime, even for just a day ... no phone, no computer, tv, no other electronic devices... could you do it?

As for Music Monday, here is a video I came across recently and enjoy, I hope you do too. It is chill music from the band called Jonny. Find the song and album here or here*. I am drawn to the beautiful nature scenes and horses. My daughter is also kind of obsessed with horse movies like the Black Beauty and The Black Stallion lately. (They are both excellent, if you haven't seen them. The cinematography in the Black Stallion is breathtaking.) Happy Music Monday!

'You Was Me' directed by Ryan Owen (via Line of Best Fit)
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