Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday : Lover Lover

Lover Lover is a new to me, and I am really digging their sound and vibe. Musical friends Eleanor Bodenham and Martin Craft both from London decided to collaborate and they've made some music that it is quite brilliant. I hope you will like them too, they will be a huge hit -- I feel it! Listen to a few of their songs here and see if you agree.

What they say on their facebook page sums them up perfectly:

"If Beach House met the Eurythmics on a late-summer’s road trip, it might sound like this, all polaroid-faded and sunset-red with the wide-eyed innocence of a John Hughes film." 

I will be adding this song called, "Freebirds" and more by Lover Lover to my spring/summer mixes for sure. As for now, I can't seem to find where to buy their songs in the U.S. (although we can stream them) but if you are a lucky to be in the UK you can download it here.

Via Wongies (photos: top from Cross Key Records // bottom left album cover  // bottom right  from Lover Lover facebook page)

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