Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pigeon Toe on Design Story

Recently, I've become more conscious of which objects I add to our living space.  My interests lie in seeking beautiful design, but also those objects that have an enduring quality, or lifespan; things that I won't want to give away after a few months . . . or even years.

Lisa Jones, and her lovely handcrafted Pigeon Toe ceramics fall right in line with my newly awakened sense of lasting style. Lisa's gorgeous collection of items combine simplicity, beauty, and a little surprise in an understated and elegant way. They're modern heirloom pieces which could easily fit into everyday life. This entire combination of goodness along with Lisa's sustainable vision is something rare, which makes Pigeon Toe that much more special.

As part of this fresh perspective, I'm thrilled to share that I have partnered with Design Story to curate a selection of my favorite things from Pigeon Toe. See all of my favorites and more on sale at Design Story for a week, or until they sell out. Sign up here to join (it is an amazing site!) and you will get an instant $10 credit.*

As you may know -- especially you design loving gurus, these handcrafted designer sales don't come around all too often which is exactly why I love Design Story you've heard me mention them before, right?! They are one of the hottest designer flash-sale sites online at the moment because they not only offer lower prices but do it with authenticity and substance.

The Pacific Northwest is where I'm itching to return so that I can stop by Portland and pop into the Pigeon Toe studio/shop. Who has been lucky enough to stop by? What are your thoughts about Pigeon Toe and Design Story?

*This post is part of a campaign with Design Story for Pigeon Toe these opinions are my own and I am super excited to support brands that I am passionate about. *fyi - I also get a small credit.

All product photos from Pigeon Toe

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