Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rome is everywhere

I have recently been watching a series of lectures on Roman architecture. The twenty-four part series is a complete lecture season from Yale University taught by Professor Diana Kleiner. The more I watched the more I realized how prevalent Roman architecture still is today. So I set out to find some examples here in Ottawa and it wasn't very difficult.

Tabaret Hall at the University of Ottawa is one of the most striking examples in our city with Ionic capitals and a classic Roman pediment.

The composite columns of the Bank of Commerce on Sparks Street showing elements of both Corinthian and Ionic orders.

The Doric order is represented well by the Bank of Nova Scotia on Sparks Street.

Though you can see the influence of Roman architecture in residential houses the features tend to be subtle. Not so for two houses in the Golden Triangle.

A house on Somerset West with the classic Ionic order.

The triangular pediment and Corinthian order really make this entrance stand out.

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