Friday, May 13, 2011

Smart Design

Brown paper boxes tied up with string or a well-designed label get me every time, but put fun and meaningful things in them and you got me even more! So when I saw graphic designer Laura Berglund's work I smiled big and wanted to share them with you too. It is amazing what a little creativity and designs skills can do to enhance a simple staple. She has done some very fun projects like the above 'Get Out in the Sun' project where she designed an interactive adventure kit for the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art to help people get out and creatively explore and a 'leave behind portfolio box' (the above bottom two shots) that is really rad, see more here.

She also worked on this Anchor multimedia interactive crime app and collateral that many colleges should think about, it is incredibly smart design. Laura now works on great projects over at Design Ranch.

(all photos from Laura Berglund)

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