Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 194 - Sleep

Day 194.

You know that summer has officially begun for me because today I woke up at 5:00. That's 5:00 p.m... I've had a tiring year, alright? Knowing that I only had a mere 7 hours to get my daily Julie & Julia screening out of the way, I figured that I would cut my losses, scrap any kind of thoughtful post and just take screenshots of every instance that a character (or characters) sleeps. The revealing snooze-inducing results below.

Parisan naps can't be beat.
I feel ya, Not Mark Ruffalo. I'll confess to falling asleep during some of Julie's rants as well.
That's a weird position for sleeping. And actually, that's a weird position for sex too.
Obligatory early morning alarm clock shot.
Okay, so no sleep is really being had here, but man is this screenshot suggestive.
Julie Powell, resting peacefully after a long day.
Not Mark Ruffalo likes to watch while his wife sleeps. Not Mark Creepy at all.
Wait, now he's turning off the light so no one can see what he's about to do to his sleeping wife.
Passed out on the kitchen floor.
Passed out on the bloody counter.
Where is your wife, Not Mark Ruffalo?

Awwwww, old people...
Ewwwww, Julie Powell...
Sleeping while doing work--been there, done that.
Sleeping while talking to your mom--also been there, done that.
"Don't pass out with your shoes on." --Asher Roth, I Love College
Unflattering sleep angle.
Also, unflattering.

And... that's every single instance of someone sleeping in Julie & Julia. Where else on the internet can you find that? No place but the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project, that's for sure. Where else would you even want to find that? Well, that's another question altogether.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to bed. I need my 16 hours of REM.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Well, I think I'm going to sleep now."

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