Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 206 - Book vs. Movie (pt. 2)

Day 206.

So it's certainly been awhile since I've cracked open the book, Julie & Julia. Unfortunately, it's only been 20 minutes since I've watched the movie.

Please, no more. NOOOO MOREEE!!!

During today's screening, I grabbed my copy of the J&J (the book), opened to a random page and started reading. I suppose a part of me wanted to make good on my resolve to do more reading this summer, but mostly I really didn't feel like looking at Not Mark Ruffalo's fat face anymore.

Point that thing somewhere else, brah.

Anyway, the random page I opened to happened to contain this passage:
"Somewhere along the way, I discovered that in the physical act of cooking, especially something complex or plain old hard to handle, dwelled unsuspected reservoirs of arousal both gastronomic and sexual. If you are not one of us, the culinarily depraved, there is no way to explain what's so darkly enticing about eviscerating beef marrowbones, chopping up lobster, baking a three-layer pecan cake, and doing it for someone else, offering someone hard-won gustatory delights in order to win pleasures of another sort. Everyone knows there are foods that are sexy to eat. What they don't talk about so much is foods that are sexy to make. But I'll take a wrestling bout with recalcitrant brioche dough over being fed a perfect strawberry any day, foreplay-wise."
From Julie Powell's Julie and Julia, pg. 251
Well fuck, the real Julie Powell's bizarre food fetish pretty much puts my Julierotica to shame. What a crazy lady, that one. I mean, she's undoubtedly a good writer--just kind of, I don't know...

I'm pretty glad Nora Ephron didn't choose to write this into the movie, because honestly? That shit was sort of fucked up. The whole "darkly enticing" evisceration of beef marrowbones bit? I mean, sure I guess it is kind of amusing, but I really could not stop thinking to myself, "serial killer, serial killer, serial killer."

"A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

So yeah, it's just reassuring to know that I'm not the most psychologically disturbed person to set out on a yearlong blogging experiment. Give it time though. I'm sure I'll be eating people in no time. I think I know who my first victim will be too...

Yesss, yessss, eat up, my pretty.

Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "I'll show you later in my dictionary."

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