Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 212 - Every 212th Word in Julie & Julia

Day 212. 

You know how sometimes creators of sacred texts will hide encrypted messages in their works? Like Da Vinci Code status shit--hidden passwords and ancient secrets. Well, I figured Julie & Julia might be just sacred enough for exactly that. Well not really, but I have to somehow justify my arbitrary decision to write down every 212th word in Julie & Julia.

Every 212th Word in Julie & Julia

In there's almost I Annabelle's Julia to to nice I that. A husband, over means the takes term, perfectly me, So you they why Americans I reporter les course. Serve 90%. Julia. Woman time of business. The in the that? The hand. Do. Joke. Flu. It, you it we new know. This good. Terrible, right didn't 365.

So some of that makes sense... right?

"A husband, over means the takes term, perfectly me." Sounds like it could be some sort of poorly translated Confucian proverb. Something you'd find on one of those fortune cookies that don't actually give fortunes.

"Serve 90%." That could be the motto of a failed burger chain i.e. "Dammit, Joe. We only serve 90% of our customers! It's a stupid company policy, but all employees must adhere to it!"

"The hand. Do. Joke. Flu." Definitely sounds like it could fit in with the next Kleenex ad campaign.

Okay, so it mostly came out to be nonsensical gibberish. But it was worth a shot, right? And wait, that last little part: "This good. Terrible, right didn't 365" There's definitely something in there.

"This [movie's not] good. Terrible, right [?] [Julie Powell didn't actually blog for all] 365 [days]."


Message received.


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "He didn't know if she'd read it."

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