Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 213 - What's with the Veil?

Day 213. 

Yo Madame Broussard, I know I see you every day and all and I know that I haven't said anything so far, but I just gotta ask--why are you wearing that black veil?

Under what circumstances is that black veil an acceptable fashion choice? A funeral parlor perhaps? What made you wake up this morning and decide to dress as if you were going to mourn the loss of a dear friend or relative? See now I'm nothing but curious. Like, actually, who died? Because that's really the only excuse you have for wearing such a depressing garment of clothing.

Wait, what is going on? Why is Julia Child with Julie Powell? And why are they both wearing all black? What kind of bizarre fashion statement is this? Could goth be back? Or maybe nun chic? I have no idea, but this all-black garb is seriously bumming me out.

You too, Tucc? (on the far right) And you never told me that you were Jewish! Or friends with Robert DiNiro... all these secrets and lies! Something's amiss. Why are all of these people gathered here today? And why are dressed like they are at at a funeral? To mourn the loss of whom??? WHOM, I SAY?!?

Ahhhh, but of course. How could I have been so blind? Rest in peace, Not Mark Ruffalo's acting career. At least in heaven you can pretend you are the actual Mark Ruffalo's acting career. Until Mark Ruffalo dies and ascends to heaven of course. Then, you'll pretty much be out of a job.

The real Marky Mark (Not Pictured: Funky Bunch).

Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "The woman who runs it absolutely hates me!"

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