Monday, June 27, 2011

Doing it all wrong

There is hardly a bike blog in Ottawa that has not had a critical word or two for the drivers in Ottawa and the lack of respect some often show for cyclists. Well, it's only fair that cyclists take their share of the criticism when it's warranted. With the opening of the Laurier segregated bike lanes and the general increase in cycling in Ottawa, it should go without saying that cyclists need to respect cars as well. I photographed the cyclist here doing several things wrong. Not only was she riding on the wrong side of the road, but she proceeded up the not yet opened Laurier bike lanes heading west in the east bound lane. Though the lanes are not yet open, some cyclists have been using them. If that is the case, how about exercising some common sense and ride in the proper lane! The face has been blurred to protect the silly!

Ottawa-20110627-00116  1

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