Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 218 - Random Actor Tuesday: Smoking Black Guy

Day 218.

Today's Random Actor is this smoking black guy who I've never actually noticed while watching Julie & Julia before (believe it or not, I still miss things even on the 218th viewing) Don't get too excited, ladies--he's literally smoking a cigar. Whether or not you find him attractive is irrelevant to the discussion (in case you are wondering, I find him very attractive).

Dude's a fucking baller. Where has he been hiding this whole time? Honestly, I'd rather watch 2 hours of this guy looking badass while smoking his cigar every day instead of this Julie & Julia horseshit. Just everything about the guy emanates coolness--the baldness, the posture, the way he holds that cuban--Dos Equis, meet your new spokesman.

I have no idea who this mysterious smoking black guy is or if he's even a professional actor, but damn, can he smoke a cigar.

And just like that, the wisps of Smoking Black Guy's total
impact on Julie & Julia are blown away with the wind.

Plus, he's black! That makes like, a total of three black people in this racist movie! (the other two being Ernestine, Julie's cubicle buddy, and Julia's mailman, Guiesseppe Jones) It's a post-racial, smoke-like-a-badass world, everybody--welcome to it.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "So Julia and Paul, beaucoup, beaucoup."

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