Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 232 - Random Actor Tuesday: GI's

Day 232.

According to both the credits and the IMDB page for Julie & Julia, there are apparently 5 GI's in the film. Wait a second. GI's? As in the army kind of of GI's??? I've seen this movie 232 times now and there is no scene that comes even remotely close to having any kind war-related activity, let alone five goddamn soldiers in uniform.

Where the fuck are all these supposed GI's then? You know, the guys that are supposed to look like this:

Real badass characters, these guys. They have the potential to be awesome additions to Julie & Julia--I just wish they were more visible, you know, as in visible at all.

Oh wait, DUH! I almost totally forgot about the scene where Madame Broussard tells Julia about the advanced cooking class (I didn't really forget. I couldn't even if I tried).

"All men. All GI's. And very expensive."

So that's it! All of the other men in Julia Child's cooking class are the GI's! Mystery solved, everyone--now that this crisis has been averted, I know one Julie & Julia blogger who'll be sleeping like a baby tonight.

But this whole GI thing is still pretty interesting since you know, instead of this:

We got this:

And instead of these guys:

We got these guys:

And can you really replace this motherfucker:

With this motherfucker?

No, you can't. Which is why it is just silly to refer to Julia's pussyass Le Cordon Bleu classmates as GI's. Julia Child wiped the floor with these clowns, which was a real testament and inspiration to women everywhere who were looking to become professional chefs. But imagine how much more awesome that would've been if the "GI's" actually looked like real GI's.

And not these assholes.

Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "It's for professionnel, which you will never be, I'm sure."

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