Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oahu Second Hand Shopping Trip!

Im back from Oahu and I am happy to say I think I was pretty good about taking photos. My mom and our friend Larissa were doing the shopping mostly so I got to focus on picture taking. :) It was fun to visit some new stores that we had never been to. Maui is pretty limited on second hand shops so we were like kids in a candy store. I think overall we visited around 10 shops. These two I thought were the cutest.

The Shops

The Girls
Can you tell we are having fun?

The Goods
These were just some of the finds that my mom got for her shop. Larissa and I had fun styling and photographing them. My mom made out like a bandit.

China Town
We got to explore China Town which was pretty fun. It was nice to be in a city for a few days. Overall the trip was a successful one!

All photos by me. :)

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