Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 82 - Could Julia Child Dunk?

Day 82.

So I just watched NBA phenomenon/freak of nature Blake Griffin win the NBA Slam Dunk contest and it was pretty cool. You can see a couple of his incredible dunks during the season here:

It's kind of unreal. Everyone is calling him a "human highlight reel," which would be pretty accurate, if he were indeed, human.

But anyways, since I am me--and I cannot go 5 minutes without thinking about Julie & Julia, I couldn't help but wonder if Julia Child (or Meryl Streep, for that matter) could dunk.

Yeah, she can probably dunk.

After some exhaustive research (5 minutes of Googling), I found out that the real Julia Child was 6'2". That's pretty fucking tall. Tall enough to dunk a basketball, right?

I journeyed the internets in search of the average dunking height and found many different answers. The consensus is that being tall certainly helps, but isn't the biggest factor in dunking--it's all about vertical jump/leaping ability. But as far as the range of heights I found, the average heights fell anywhere in between 6'2" and 6"5'. So that's good news for Julia Child, would-be WNBA player, but she does have one thing going against her--she's white. It's not a racist thing at all. I'm just saying, bitch prolly aint got no hops.

Also, I was doing some more research and discovered that Meryl Streep is supposedly only 5'6". Is that not insane? This movie makes her look like a fucking giant. I mean I know what 5'6" looks like. I'm 5'6". But the Meryl in this movie is definitely not 5'6".

Note to self: Sit next to more midgets.

I mean, I knew they had to make Meryl wear heels and stood her next to short people to make her look taller, but damn--making up 8 inches of height? That's movie fucking magic right there. This definitely deserves a more in-depth look for a future post, but right now I'm just going to go ahead and make the bold hypothesis that she wore stilts. Yeah, that's right. She was wearing a pair of wooden stilts throughout the entire movie. I'm okay with that explanation.

Pssssfth, even I could dunk on stilts.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Too tall."

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