Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 143 - Belated Birthday(s)

Day 143.

I usually consider myself as someone who holds birthdays in high regard. You know, I like to make a big deal out of them, especially when any of my friends are celebrating theirs. They are super important! But unfortunately, after yesterday, I can no longer say that I am a birthday guy.

I totally forgot not one, but TWO significant birthdays yesterday!

The first one was inexcusable--yesterday, April 20th was the real JULIE POWELL'S BIRTHDAY! (and I only realized this after loyal reader Jody P. pointed it out to me. I would be nothing without you guys.)

My entire life for the past 143 days has been dedicated to hating this woman and I can't even be bothered to remember her birthday?? I am ashamed to call myself a Julie & Julia blogger (Today, even more ashamed than I usually am).

So Julie, I hope you forgive me--Happy belated birthday! You're 38 now! Can you believe that? Only 8 years ago you were toiling away at your yearlong blogging project and now look at you! You're a successful author! And now someone else is toiling away at a yearlong blogging project inspired by you! That's certainly something!

And I'm not going to say anything mean about you today--because hey, it's your (belated) birthday! And everyone deserves to be treated nicely on their (belated) birthdays! Hooray for birth! Or hooray for after-birth, I guess...
Originally, I had google image searched "afterbirth."
I would highly advise against it.

Oh and the second birthday I forgot? It was my mom's. Whoops.

I know, I know--you're all thinking to yourselves, "Lawrence! How could you possibly be such an awful son? To forget your own mother's birthday! What an terrible, unforgivable, heinous act--or rather, lack of act!" And I will admit, I do feel pretty bad...

But not that bad. Because well, I pretty much forget her birthday every year. Because she changes it constantly. Just ask my dad or brother. It literally falls on a different day every year. Chalks it up to the "Chinese lunar calendar" or some bullshit--I'm not buying it, Mom. Like, she'll just wait until it passes and bring it up a week later nonchalantly, saying something like "Oh yeah, and even though it was my birthday 3 days ago..."

And then of course, we'll all feel terrible for forgetting. It's the ultimate Asian mother guilt trip. And dammit if it doesn't work every single time.

Well, sorry again, Mom. Maybe we'll get it right next year.

Happy Belated Birthday, Ma!

I eagerly await your phone call tomorrow where you'll berate me for posting this. Also, it's like a little funny that I missed both these birthdays because I was too busy pretending to be high. I mean, not that funny--but maybe a little funny, right?


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