Monday, April 25, 2011

Tips for Finding the Perfect Blogger Template

Some of readers mailed to me ask for which template should they use for blog? or ask me the template they are using good or not ? In fact ,choosing a template is up to the blog owner ,not me ^^ Angela Quint from Ultrasound has some advice for you in this case .This is a guest post from Angela Quint

Did you know there are more than 10 million blogs online today? If you’re a beginning blogger, there are probably almost that many questions going through your head. One of the first questions you probably have is how to choose the right blogging template. There are thousands of templates available, including ones that are free and ones for which you pay. It’s a crucial decision, so here are a few tips that will help you pick the perfect template for your blog.

1,To Pay or Not to Pay?

Should you pay for your template? That depends on two things: how serious are you about your blog and how much computer experience do you have? If your blog is a business venture, you need it to look as professional as possible, especially if you want to monetize the site. Some premium templates are ad placement ready, which makes formatting easy.
Another big advantage of purchasing a template is that you normally get better support. If problems arise, you’ll have help at the ready and you won’t have to be a techie to keep the site functioning properly.
If you decide to buy a template, think of it as in investment in the future wellbeing of your blog.

2,Start with 2 Columns

Although there are many one and three column templates available, most bloggers agree that a two-column format is easiest to manage. One column is too simplistic and three columns gets complicated. Two columns allows you to keep the site clean but functional, with the current post on one side and the search, ads, and other elements on the other.

3,Make it Relevant to Your Niche

You have a few seconds to capture your reader’s interest. That’s why the header you use is vital. Think about the focus of your blog and the people you want to read it. Make the graphic in the heading relate to the topic. You might love kittens, but if your blog is about golf, that adorable kitty graphic isn’t relevant. If your reader loves golf but isn’t in to cats, you’ve lost him as soon as he clicks on the page.
After you have more experience, you may learn to change the heading picture, but when you’re just starting out, it’s wisest to pick a template with a relevant graphic.

4,Functionality is Key

Do you want your readers to be able to leave comments? Do you want to add pictures to each post? Is there a search function? You need to narrow down what features your blog needs and then eliminate templates that don’t offer those elements. Make sure you test each of the features and check for broken links. Your blog needs to flow smoothly from page to page to keep readers happy.
Most importantly, know what the purpose of your blog is. By keying in on your goals, you’ll be better prepared to select the perfect template for your blog.

About Author

Angela Quint is an ultrasound technician by day and a blogger by night. She enjoys writing to share her love of health and wellness with others!

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