Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 173 - NOM Screening

Day 173.

Today, I had the honor of sharing my daily Julie & Julia pain with the Northwestern student food appreciation/eating group, NOM. They even made me a fucking poster!

Look at that fucking poster!

So yeah, of course I couldn't turn down a group screening of Julie & Julia, especially on our supposed last day of existence before the rapture. If I'm going to be burned alive by fire and brimstone, it might as well be while watching a terrible movie with a bunch of fellow food geeks. And after 173 days of this bullshit, the rapture doesn't actually seem so bad. As long as they don't make me watch this movie in hell.

NOM was nice enough to make some gourmet popcorn for the screening/Q & A session aftewards.
It was fucking delicious.

So yeah, this was the first big public screening of J&J I've ever had, so it was pretty exciting for me to see it with a bunch of new people. You know, get their insights on the film.

Insights: Apathetic.
Jon was mad intrigued though (this was during one of the Meryl Streep scenes)
Mad analysis going on hurr.
It was also just funny to watch everyone gradually become fatigued and grow more and more restless as the movie wore on. At one point around the hour-and-a-half mark, literally everyone was slouched over in their chairs, clearly unamused by the antics of Julie Powell and co. And this was just after seeing the movie once.

There were more people there earlier, but they left before the movie ended...

So yeah, man. Cool beans! Thanks again to NOM for having me. Hopefully, I wasn't too underwhelming...

Photos by Kaitlin Svabek/The Daily Northwestern. Video of the Q & A to come!


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "When will this pie be ready?"

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