Saturday, May 28, 2011

Create a Bad word filter in Blogger comment

In your blog ,have you ever seen the bad word in comments ? Does it get annoyed other readers ? If the answer is yes ,you may need this one . I created a script for filtering bad word in comments .You just need to make a list of bad words ,and all the words in this list will be replaced with *

How we do that ?

1,Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Design ->Edit HTML .Checked on Expand wiget templates . Backup template before making any changes .

2,Find <body> and add this code right before
<script type='text/javascript'>
function badwordfilter(ID){
var comm = document.getElementById(ID);
var comment = comm.innerHTML;
var reBadWords = /badword1|badword2/gi;
comment1 = comment.replace(reBadWords, "****");
comm.innerHTML = comment1; = "block";

please pay attention to the text in black bold above,it's the list of bad words .You can add more word to this list and separate each of them with a | ,like this
do not remove / at the start and /gi at the end .

3,Find and replace

<p>   <data:comment.body/></p>


                                                                                 <div expr:id='' style='display:none;'>
                                                                                 <script type='text/javascript'>badwordfilter(&quot;<>&quot;);</script>

That's all .Save template and see the changes

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